Strength Industry operation is good for the environment. We are a global leader in refurbished fitness equipment technology, recycling roughly 4 million pounds of end-of-life equipment annually. Because we are in the business of returning end-of-life components to same-as-new condition, we reduce waste and minimize the need for raw material to produce new parts. Through remanufacturing, we make one of the greatest contributions to sustainable development—keeping nonrenewable resources in circulation for multiple lifetimes.
Wherever possible, we keep resources in the Strength Industry value chain through a circular flow of materials. Our focus on developing better systems optimizes our use of resources, maximizes the total life cycle value of our reman products and minimizes the cost of ownership for our customers. Viewing our equipment through a total life cycle lens allows us to make sustainable progress for your wellness center, communities, the environment and the economy. 



Strength Industry brand is maximizing value through creating state of the art fitness equipment built for another life.


The Strength Industry sustainable remanufacturing programs provides customers with lower-cost products, shorter downtime and quick, dependable customizable options.  Strength Industry refurbishing programs increases the lifespan of equipment by providing customers with products from the industries top manufacturers for a fraction of the cost of buying a new machine.  A complete CPA unit involves extensive tests and inspections, automatic replacement of roughly 18 parts and a like-new machine warranty. In addition, our trained technicians perform this work using genuine equipment and parts. Strength Industry provides information, data, training and service tools to help our team make the most appropriate decisions on which parts to reuse in order to achieve expected longevity of rebuilt components. Reuse of components helps us use materials and energy more efficiently.

The remanufacturing and rebuild programs allow customers to maximize the built-in value of their equipment by:

  • Ensuring maximum productivity
  • Increasing reliability and equipment up time
  • Ensuring cost-effective performance
  • Receiving a like-new warranty
  • Increasing the customer’s return on their investment
  • Providing the customer with a variety of repair options to meet their service needs
  • Providing the customer with a higher resale value
  • Providing the lowest total owning and operating life cycle costs
  • Preserving the majority of energy and materials required to make the machine