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Vibration training causes instability in the body. As a result, your muscles automatically contract at the same rate of vibration to regain stability, working more muscles in less time. The FreeMotion vibration platform is an outstanding complement to any fitness facility. Whether used as a stand-alone profit center or to enhance a personal training session, whole-body vibration training can be easily integrated into any fitness program.

+ Innovation

This FreeMotion vibration platform uses the highest quality materials and components to deliver optimum performance.

+ Distinctive Design

The distinctive styling creates a unique look that will turn heads in the facility. And this design is durable, making it perfect for many years of use.

+ User-friendly Console

Easy-to-read dials and a clear screen provide a simple-to-understand interface for the user. Electronics are designed for reliable operation under vibration.

+ Repeat Button

When performing exercises seated or lying on the platform, users can simply press the button on the frame to repeat the last vibration cycle

+ Lower Control Buttons

Easily control the vibration platform from these lower control buttons. You can start, stop and repeat exercises.

+ Safety Key

To ensure your safety and the safety of others, this vibration platform only starts when a safety key is in place.

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Limited Warranty does only apply to REMANUFACTURED products.


Base Care Limited Warranty. Strength Industry Incorporated warrants all remanufactured products to be free from defects in materials and manufacture for the warranty periods set forth below. The warranty periods commence on the invoice date of the original purchase. This warranty applies only against defects discovered within the warranty period and extends only to the original purchaser of the product. Parts repaired or replaced under the terms of this warranty will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period only. To claim under this warranty, the buyer must notify Strength Industry Incorporated within 30 days after the date of discovery of any nonconformity and make the affected product available for inspection by Strength Industry Incorporated or its service representative. Strength Industry Incorporated obligations under this warranty are limited as set forth below.

Frame Motor & Alternator Mechanical Parts Electrical Parts Wear Items Console Overlay Service Labor
  Years Years Months Months Months Months Months
Treadmills 5 1 6 6 3 6 6
Ellipticals Crosstrainers 5 1 6 6 3 6 6
Stationary Bikes 5 1 6 6 3 6 6
Steppers 5 1 6 6 3 6 6
Other Cardio 5 1 6 6 3 6 6


  1. Treadmill motor & motor control board’s warranties include labor to match the parts warranty period.
  2. Wear items are defined as and are not limited to treadmill deck, running belt, seats, pedal covers and hand grips.

This Limited Warranty shall NOT apply to:

  1. Software updates.
  2. Software defects that do not materially and negatively affect the exercise functionality of the product under normal use conditions at the time of installation.
  3. Consumable goods or cosmetic items of the product, to include all plastic or painted surfaces, the exterior of which has been damaged or defaced as a result of abuse, misuse, accident, improper service or installation, mishandling or modification in design or construction not authorized by the Manufacture; including, without limitation, use or incorporation of any non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement parts.
  4. Cosmetic, structural, or functional damage (including rust, corrosion and unusual wear) caused by failure to follow the maintenance procedures described in the owner’s manual.
  5. Repairs performed on remanufactured piece of equipment missing a serial number.
  6. Service calls to correct installation of the equipment or instruct owners on how to use the equipment.
  7. Pickup and delivery involved with repairs.
  8. Any labor costs incurred beyond the applicable labor warranty period.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from one jurisdiction to another.

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