Magnum Smith Machine

Magnum Smith Machine Plate Loaded

1. Overview: Our new item MG-A48 Smith machine, commercial equipment and single station design. Main tube adopt ф76*3mm top quality super thick tube and weld connection.

  It makes the equipment elegant and durable.

 2. Function: A48 Smith Machine, users raise the barbell by shoulder and then do squat. Repeat the movement so it makes the workout.

     3.Exercise Part: gluteus,vastus medialis,tibialis anterior,rectus femoris,extensor digitorum longus

     4. Specs:  1). Adopt ф76*3mm top quality super thick tube, elegant and durable.

          2) .Slide safe cage device, ensure the safety of users.

           3). Anti-friction chrome plate guide lever make exercise more smoothly.

                                              4). Standard 40kgs weight, balance barbell, and make your training smoother.

                                              5). Silver glitter painting, noble and handsome.

                                              6). High quality bearing, let user enjoy the exercising.

  5. Assemble Space: (L*W*H) :2200*1500*2160 (mm)

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