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Adjustable Incline Chest Press - Magnum Fitness

IntroductionMG-A417  Magnum Supper Incline Press / Shoulder Press Combo w/ Plate StorageAdjusta..


Glute Drive Machine - Magnum Fitness

IntroductionMG-A55  Magnum Glute Drive w/ Plate StorageIndependent converging motion provides a..


Gym Package 4 / Warehouse CA

Cardio Equipment Brand Equipment Model / Line Qty ..


Linear Leg Press - Magnum Fitness

IntroductionMG-A51  Magnum 45-Degree Leg Press w/ Plate StorageEasy-to-use and see racking mech..


Magnum 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack

Introduction MG-A42 - Three Tier 15 Pair Dumbbell Rack Dimensions: Width - 96" Depth - 30" H..


Magnum Adjustable Crossover

IntroductionMG-2024  Magnum Adjustable Cable CrossoverHandles made for easy and smother adjustm..


Magnum Barbell Rack MG-A50

Barbell RackDimensions: Width - 31" Depth - 28" Height - 60 "Weight: 140 lbs.Frame DescriptionEach ..


Magnum Dip / Leg Raise / Chin

Introduction A63C - Dip / Leg Raise / Chin -2" round dip handles on one side. -Other side h..


Magnum Fitness Free Weigth Package

Brand Equipment Model / Line Color Qty Magnum Fitness&nbs..


Magnum Fitness Olympic Flat Bench

Introduction MG-A78 - Magnum Fitness Olympic Flat Bench w/ Plate Storage -Twelve weight stor..


Magnum Functional Trainer

Introduction Now let's use both: the obvious choice is the standing chest pres..


Pitching Row Machine Magnun Fitness

IntroductionMG-A881 - Magnum Fitness Pitching Rowing Machine -Design allows for dip pitching pe..


Plate Loaded V Squat - Magnum Fitness

IntroductionMG-A52  Magnum Plate Load V-Squat w/ Plate StorageEasy-to-use racking mechanis..


Shoulder Press Machine - Magnum Fitness

IntroductionMG-A414  Magnum Lat Pulldown w/ Plate StorageIndependent converging motion provides..


Supine Bench Press - Magnum Fitness

IntroductionMG-A416  Magnum Supine Bench Press w/ Plate StorageIndependent converging motion pr..