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Magnum Incline Bench

Introduction MG-A60 - Adjustable Incline Bench -ABS plastic protected seat and back pad. -T..


Magnum Incline Press Bench

Introduction MG-A79 - Incline Press w/ Storage -Twelve weight storage pegs are standard. -D..


Magnum 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack

Introduction MG-A84 - 10 Pairs Dumbbell Rack w/ Cradles Dimensions: Width - 94" Depth -..


Magnum Back Extension

Introduction MG-A93 - 45 Degree Back Extension -User is locked into position with large thig..


Magnum Decline Press Bench

Introduction MG-A80 - Decline Press w/ Storage -Twelve weight storage pegs are standard. -D..


Magnum Decline Sit up Bench

Introduction A61 - Adjustable Decline / Sit-Up Board -Nine adjustments from 10 to 30 degrees..


Magnum Dip / Leg Raise / Chin

Introduction A63C - Dip / Leg Raise / Chin -2" round dip handles on one side. -Other side h..


Magnum Flat Bench

Introduction MG-A59 - Flat Bench -Single cross leg provides more freedom for user. -Wheels ..


Magnum Flat Press Bench

Introduction MG-A78 - Bench Press w/ Storage -Twelve weight storage pegs are standard. -Des..


Magnum Flat to Incline Bench

Introduction   MG-A85 - Flat to Incline Bench w/ Wheels Adopt ф76*3mm top quality super..


Magnum Multi-Functional Bench

Introduction MG-A77 - Adjustable Crunch Board -Leg pad adjusts to different body sizes. -Ba..


Magnum Preacher Curl Bench

Introduction A62 - Preacher Curl -Angled adjustable seat locks user in position. Dimensio..


Magnum Smith Machine

Introduction 1. Overview: Our new item MG-A48 Smith machine, commercial equipment and single st..


Magnum Utility Bench

Introduction A87 - Pressing Chair -Large foot stabilizing platforms. -Wheels for easy movem..


Precor FTS Glide Functional Training System

Functional Training SystemDual Weight StacksThe 2:1 lift ratio of the dual stacks allows users to tr..