Remanufacturing Exercise equipment

The Strength Industrys' CPO program was created to satisfy the equipment needs of our health conscious customers, Strength Industry offers select used gym equipment that has been restored to original factory specifications. We've built a brand second to none.

Strength Industrys certified re-manufactured programs are based on strict qualification guidelines and comprehensive product inspections that are designed to give our customers the chance to purchase top quality products at a very competitive price with confidence.

The equipment and supplies available through this program have been pre-selected from Strength Industrys inventory of used products based on strict eligibility criteria that include performance history and low meter counts.  Every certified used product selected undergoes a rigorous inspection by highly skilled certified technicians.  Based upon the actual meter count of the machine, all units are either reconditioned or completely re-manufactured to not only look like new but function like new as well. 

Certified technicians apply an extensive cleaning and re-manufacturing process to each machine, replacing all high wear components and adjusting units back to original factory specifications.  Panels are repainted to give the unit a new appearance. Frames and handrails are sandblasted and powder coated as well.  Motors, alternators and other electric modules are factory rebuilt.  Wear parts and components are replaced with brand new parts.