Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainable Business Practices

Our remanufacturing process is sustainable from beginning to end. We take high quality equipment and give them a new life, conserving thousands of tons of resources. We also hold to this core value by recycling the waste and byproducts produced during the remanufacturing process.

As the effects of human waste and pollution become ever more clear, we acknowledge that contributing further harm to our planet is simply not an option.

The way we use materials to bring you parts matters. You depend on your core values to get you where you need to go, and we all depend on the earth for the resources we need. That’s why we believe in reengineering parts and materials to be more dependable during their second life. 

Sustainability is a matter of integrity, an outlook that changes how we do business from start to finish. 

Reman Was "Green" Before "Green" Was Popular!

The remanufacturing process only requires 20-35 percent of the total energy and material it takes to manufacture new parts, because we reuse the original parts and rebuild them to OEM specifications.

What is Remanufacturing?

Remanufacturing is the process of restoring used piece of equipment to dependable, better-than-new performance. Every year, we take several thousand tons of used equipment that would normally end up in landfills and reengineer new life into them.

Our process is built on nearly 15 years of reverse-engineering experience, ensuring excellence and efficiency. Remanufacturing is more than refurbishing or replacing a few failed springs. In fact, it’s a craft that follows a rigorous, 5 step process.

  1. we acquire gym equipment at the end of lease period that aren’t performing.
  2. We completely disassemble the equipment to bare frame.
  3. We thoroughly inspect every component.
  4. We rebuild the part, strengthening common wear areas and improving the part’s design to prevent future failures.
  5. We rigorously test the parts to make sure they’re ready for the gym members ahead. 
  6. We offer a product that perform and looks like new with a strong warranty.
  7. From DIYer to Master Technician, our Tech Serives Team is here for you.
  8. Our success has been fueled by our commitment to building better equipment—and better partnerships.